What we run for

On Saturday, July 11th, team up with your loved ones and join us in the Race Against Racism. Our goal is to collectively make at least half a million steps towards achieving equality and dismantling the current system of oppression.


100% of the proceeds from this virtual event, including your entire registration fee, will

be donated to The Marian Cheek Jackson Center dedicated to honoring, renewing, and building community in the historically Black neighborhoods of Chapel Hill, NC.

We run as one.

We rise as one.

We stand as one.


Wherever you live, whether you run or walk, no matter the distance - we are taking these steps forward in solidarity with our Black friends, family, and neighbors to achieve justice for their lives. Human rights shouldn't have to be a fight, but we pledge to #RunAsOne until we reach the finish line.

If you are financially able, please consider making an additional donation to any of the listed organizations. Every contribution helps and will be used to enact real change in our communities. Help fund the revolution! 

Vote. Sign petitions. Spread awareness. Educate yourself, your friends, and your family. Now is not the time to be complicit - take action and join the movement. It is our responsibility to not only listen to Black voices, but amplify them. And they need our help now.

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